Your home or office space must create a statement of your tastes.At Indroyal, we help you express yourself. We present you with interiors that satisfy your needs of style and comfort. With guidance from experts, we asses the space available and give you the interiors of your dreams. We make customized kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, wall units, separators etc for homes, hotels, offices, etc. The finish and texture is as you like it to be.


Be it a hotel, restaurant, bar, or club, your interiors and furniture should be inspiring enough to evoke a distinct sense of confidence, quality, and comfort, along with the promise of unmatched services. At Indroyal, we have always maintained our upscale creativity in designing/refurbishment of hotels, restaurants, pubs and bars across South India, by delivering a lifetime experience for each and every customer. With many years of commendable experience, working with some of the leading names in the hospitality industry in South India, we understand the importance of custom-made interior furnishing pieces that is both attractive and functional, and promise durability and highest quality. Hospitality designing often involves enormous investment, to create an attractive and welcoming environment for the guests. Hence, we are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure our clients get what they need. If you cannot find the furnishings you require, then we can manufacture bespoke interior fit-outs and thus turn your concepts in to reality.

residential interior design in kerala


At Indroyal, we know how important your living space is, and we can help you make it look uniquely yours, with custom-made interior products that fit into your style and budget. The interiors furnishing of your home must be planned creatively so that each room serves the exact purpose, while reflecting your needs, tastes, and budget. The structure of your living space should be thoughtfully divided to organize room interiors, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and furniture appropriately. We will help you pick and choose the right furnishing pieces that radiate your personality and easily blend with the required space, to define your entirety. Browse our gallery to see what's new, and we can help you carefully plan your interior designing, avoiding clutter, to make your living place look like a dream place. In short, it will be simple, sober and aesthetic!

residential interior design in kerala


Indroyal will help you foster growth and productivity at workplace, by providing you with a wide array of tailored office interior solutions and services, ideal for small, medium, and large businesses as well as organisations. Our turnkey office interior solutions include office furniture & fit-outs, office refurbishment services & furniture supply, along with on-time setting up of furnishing pieces. We can help you create high performance workspaces with our broadest range of office interior furnishing products and valuable services, including planning & prompt installation. Our motto is to help customers create workplaces that help them build their business, and at the same time reflect the dependability and class of their brand and services. We can certainly exceed your expectations with our unparalleled knowledge and expertise in providing custom interior solutions, creative interior furnishing pieces that go well with your office space planning ideas. You can count on us to get exactly what you are looking for, to positively reinforce and augment the image that you desire to create in your staff.

residential interior design in kerala


As leaders in providing turnkey commercial interior furnishing services, Indroyal can offer you made-to-measure, stylish, comfortable, and functional furnishing pieces that reflect your brand image and current marketing strategies. Whether you're moving, refurbishing, or merely making minor changes to your existing commercial space, to make it more efficient, Indroyal can provide you with unique ideas and custom-made interior furnishing products with unparalleled beauty, functionality, and durability. From hand-picked office chairs and tables to waiting room and meeting room furniture, Indroyal can provide you with an amazing collection of interior furnishing pieces at surprisingly reasonable prices. Visit your nearest Indroyal showroom to learn more about our broad selection of high-quality, attractive, and affordable office interior furnishing options!

residential interior design in kerala

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